Cathedral of Ilandriol

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Cathedral of illandriol

Cathedral of ilandriol

The Cathedral is Hidroth Lea’s most prominent and most beautiful architectural feature. The building project was financed by the Magisterium, and constructed by Dwarven masons from Igladon over a century ago—the architecture of the building is, however, in keeping with the Byzantine style of other Magisterial sacred structures. Upon its completion, the Cathedral was dedicated to Ilandriol, one of Ilad still faithful to Andunai. The Cathedral of Ilandriol is home to one of only two magisterial archbishoprics in the lands north of Vindovier. The archdiocese extends throughout the Downs of Edigroth, encompassing Hidroth and Duraland counties and the Western Baronies. The Cathedral also serves as a seminary, training those clerical and paladin orders devoted to Ilandriol. As such, the Cathedral houses the only public library within Hidroth Lea. In addition the Cathedral also contains a Relics Shop which carries items crafted by the brethren through divine magic. The Cathedral is also surrounded by a spacious park which includes a small duck pond and several groves of fruit trees all of which are freely available for use by the public.

Leadership: Archbishop: Father Ibereth; Prior: Father Toreth.

Worship Services: A morning and evening mass is conducted every Lordsay, an evening mass is conducted on Ramsday, and the sanctuary of the Cathedral is open to the public for use as a place of prayer and meditation 24 hours a day, throughout the rest of the week.

Seminary: Devotees of Ilandriol are trained within the Cathedral. Currently there are 33 students enrolled in the seminary: 19 Clerics, 14 Paladins (all 1st level). There are also several Elders and Fathers residing within the Cathedral that serve as Instructors for the seminary. Currently 19 brethren reside within the Cathedral (11 Clerics, 8 Paladins). The clergy are ranked by level as follows: 5 (2nd level) 2 (3rd level), 2 (4th level), 1 (6th level), 1 (8th level). The paladins are ranked by level as follows: 4 (2nd level), 1 (3rd level), 1 (5th level), 1 (7th level), 1 (8th level). The Cathedral is also home to a large number of youths that serve in the quire, or as alter servants.

Library: The library is located within the third and highest level of the north wing of the Cathedral. The wing is octagonal, and at each of its eight corners, long narrow columns of green marble form the piers upon which sit the decorative pendentives supporting its high domed ceiling. Long wide windows are set within the center of each side of the chamber (save for the south end where the stairway is located), allowing an abundance of light to filter into the chamber at all hours of the day. A set of two long narrow bookshelves crafted of Sidoren Ash lodge between the window and pier of each wall, save for the south wall. The bookshelves contain nearly 1,000 bound volumes and over 5,000 pamphlets, and loose scrolls and manuscripts. Admission into the library is free (though donations are accepted), and the library is open to the public during daylight hours dawn till dusk.

Relics Shop: This shop is located in the second level of the northern wing. Items sold within the store are standard price (see the DMG/PCR). The store is well stocked with most common and low level (1,000gp or less) items, and carries a variety of more expensive (1,001-4,000gp) items as well (20% chance of availability of any given item). Each month there are are even 1d4 new rare items (4,001-8,500gp) available. Items not found in the store can be commissioned at an additional 10% fee, assuming the Clergy are capable of creating such items.



Cathedral of Ilandriol

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