The Story

O1ur story begins within Hidroth Lea, a large town located located in the Downs of Edigroth. Four adventurers hailing from different lands crossed paths in the frigid north. Each had their own reason for coming to Hidroth Lea, yet Romen, Mara, Phadran and Leuca were united by the vision of discovering Eretanis, the lost elven city of Ice. These adventurers became known as the Four Horns within the Northern Reaches and spent their early career helping to secure Hidroth Lea. Sadly Leuca met his end at the claws of a Huge white dragon. Yet the Horns were later joined by Fethradan and Thelend). In their quests they have grappled with malodorous ogres, smote frothing orc marauders, delved into ancient Dwarven Ruins, besieged the lair of demonic cultists, engaged in a bit of court intrigue, played chicken with a horde of charging Minotaurs. Yet now they have discovered a key that could lead them to the lost city for which they have long sought. Their quest renewed the Horns now make ready to claim their destiny!

The story

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The Story

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