The Falcon's Nest

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The falcon s nest

The Falcons Nest is a decently priced Inn located at the north end of town between the Upper Commons and the Upper Lords. It is owned by the Lady Illendra, a woman of some notoriety within Hidroth Lea. She is intelligent, slender, decidedly attractive, and is quite fond of birds. In fact, Illendra keeps her own falcon; hence the name of the business. The place is modest but cozy enough, even if the food is terrible. There are limited beers on tap, though Silver Wheat is always offered. While the Nest is a legitimate Inn, it is also widely known throughout Hidreth Lea that it is the place to go if one is seeking companionship for the night. Illendra has several other women in her employ. Among the most popular of the “bar maids” are two young blond sisters named Eliena and Ebelora, a dark tan skinned brunette from the south named Celerin, and a stout and buxom red-headed dwarf named Hara.

Proprietress: The Lady Illendra.

Clientele: A variety of classes ranging from poppers to princes patron the Nest.

Lodging: Moderate. The Nest has ten rooms in all, eight of which consist of no more than a nightstand and a comfortable bed covered in Kalistinian Cotton linens, and blankets of Caldoranthian wool. The remaining two rooms are suites reserved for high profile patrons. These rooms contain luxurious King sized beds covered in satin from Van’Alis and down filled silken comforters. Each also contains its own fireplace, and a vanity crafted by the Gnomes of Glindell which contain large mirrors.

Food: Poor (the employees were not selected for their culinary skills). The menu consists of:
  • Breakfast: Two Eggs, buttered toast, and groats.
  • Lunch: Bread, cheese, and cold mutton.
  • Dinner: Mutton stew, Bread.
  • Snack: Cold mutton.
Pricing: Varies:
  • Meal Only: 2sp (2 Lambs).
  • Meal & Lodging: 1gp (1 Ram).
  • Meal, Lodging & Companionship: 3gp (3 Rams).
  • Meal, Fine Lodging & Companionship: 20gp (20 Rams).



The Falcon's Nest

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