Romen's Journal 1st entry

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Romen s journals

Finding the silver key

Unknown day

Idon’t even know what day it is. And yet, of this I am certain: it is the dawn of a new day! Long did we scour the dark halls of Etimar in search of the Rune Ax Gulgoloth, busying ourselves with that lesser errand – unearthing the Battleaxe of Thingrin, the dwarf-king of legend – at the behest of the Society of Lost Relics. We were biding our time, building our strength, for the inevitable conflict with the chuul-queen at the Fount of Orna – for the recovery of the Orb. Indeed! This was our true errand – also at the request of the Society. But, as Andunai is my witness, this errand I received first by the very mouth of Andunai himself.

What shall I speak of? Shall I tell of Thingrin’s Ax in the cold hands of the bronze minotaur – now in the delicate hands of Mara? Shall I speak of the hellish centipede, as tall as a wizard’s tower, its scales smoldering like the fires of a dwarven forge? Shall I recount how it nigh ran off into its tunnel with shadowy Phadran in its dark belly? Or shall I sing of the mighty power of Andunai who made us breathe water ‘neath Orna’s Fount – who quickened Thelend’s sword at the roots of the waterfall – all by the word of his servant, Fethradan? Rather, of this I shall speak: the Orb is found! What more then shall I say? As we raise it by the hand of Andunai, Elucien is all but thrust down!



Romen's Journal 1st entry

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