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The year is 2,655 A.S. and Eriond now stands upon the brink. Something dark and brooding stirs in the West, arousing an ancient hatred within the hearts of men. Fueled by a malign supernatural energy, the western nations make ready to march upon the eastern lands to drench the fields with crimson. Some say that the Dark Lords of old are rising. Ages ago these Fallen Ilad roamed the land godlike and terrible, feasting upon the souls of mortals and spewing forth destruction. It was they who began the Kinslayer Wars, and they also who brought about the Sundering of the World.

It is said that in the former Age all of Eriond’s civilizations were linked by a series of planar gateways. Great distances could be crossed in the blink of an eye. Yet it was these gateways that made possible the Kinslayer Wars. The Dark Lords bewitched many mortals, and, passing through these gates with their armies, laid waste, one after the other, the cities of Eriond. In a desperate attempt to save those few civilizations remaining, powerful Mages among Men and Elves sealed the last of the gateways, trapping the Fallen Ilad within. From thence the Ilad were banished to the fiery plane of Avaskar, to be bound within a hall of flame. Yet the sorcery that wove this powerful incantation also tore a rift through the seams of the planes, ripping them asunder. Thus the art of planar travel was lost, and Eriond’s remaining civilizations were severed, one from the other, as islands within a vast sea.

Over two and a half millennia have passed since the Sundering, and now, once again, the world has fallen under the grip of a powerful maleficence. Yet in this hour of darkness, fear remains mingled with hope. There were once powerful artifacts capable of slaying even the Dark Lords. These were lost in the Sundering. Yet there are whispered rumors of expeditions that have found some of the lost cities. It may be that the key to preserving the future lays buried in the past. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. What has been, no longer is. What will be, is not yet known. Yet this much is certain, a new era is dawning, and it will be an Age of Legends.



Age of Legends arsheesh