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Time Keeping


T.smallhere are few things within Eriond so universally revered as the passage of time. The rhythems that govern the hours and the seasons are what make life on Eriond possible. Nearly all of the intelligent peoples of the world have developed some system or another for marking the passing of the hours, the days of the week, and the turning of the seasons. In the above links you will find information on those systems of timekeeping that are most widely used within Eriond.



T.smallhe tale of Age of Legends is several millenia in the making. A hundred thousand volumes could not contain it. Countless souls have trod upon Eriond’s soil, their hopes and dreams forgotten, their deeds unsung. Yet each of these lives has participated in the grand tale that even now is being woven into the fabric of time. In the links above you will find recorded a modest account of this tale, as well as a recounting of some of its more prominent threads (NOTE: these links do not yet exist, but for a concise timeline, see this link).


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