Commonwealth Plaza

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Commonwealth plaza

Located at the intersection of Market Street and and Hidroth Way is Commonwealth Plaza. The Plaza is home to the richest and most prominent of the artisan and mercantile establishments, the guildhalls, the Town Hall and the looming spires of the Cathedral of Ilandriol. The plaza is composed of cobblestone and is well maintained. While the plaza is bustling with activity, it is not nearly so noisy as Market Street; vendors do not shout out the names of their products, nor extol the quality of their wares to the mulling traffic. The plaza district is also better lit and more frequently patrolled by the town guard than is Market street. Iron wrought oil lamp posts line both sides of the street. The architecture and landscaping of the Plaza are also considerably nicer than that of the lower class business district. Many of these buildings follow in the Tudor style of the southlands. To the south-west of the plaza lies Hidroth Keep. While the Keep its self is walled off from the public, a lush park surrounds its northern walls, allowing for various outdoor civic activities. Often traveling mistrals, performers and bards will give their public performances within this park.



Commonwealth Plaza

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