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Cielevan Cielevan

“When alight fell beasts to wreak and sunder,
and sanguine soiled the fields give shout,
Then comes the Stag on hooves of thunder,
From verdant groves to hunt them out.”

-Verse from an ancient Endrellan Hymn

Cielevan. It is a name that brings hope to the weary woodsman, and emboldens the hearts of wardens who vigilantly keep watch over the forest. It is also a name that brings terror to every troll, ogre and goblin that dares to prowl the fey haunted forests of Eriond. They are right to fear him, for to those who delight in cruelty he is an avenging angel of death. Cielevan was appointed as minister to the regent of Spring. He faithfully served first under Ithanian, and later, under Cerim, and helped to bring about many of the beasts of the field and forest, especially those fleet of foot. For in all of creation there are none so swift as Cielevan. During the Kinslayer Wars he led a host of Centaur against the Trolls of Isoldied assaulting the fey havens of Ninoross. Together they hunted the Trolls to the brink of extinction. To this day Trolls tremble at the memory of the “Hunter” that brought such swift retribution. Cielevan is known by other names of course. The “Stag” and the “Green Warden” are among his more prominent titles.

Cielevan comes often to wander the fields and woodlands of Eriond, though never in his native form. He sometimes takes the form of an eagle or a hawk, but more often he assumes the form of a Elf Warden or a giant red Stag. In Elven form he appears as a tall dark skinned hunter whose face and chest are decorated in ceremonial tattoos. He wields a gray longbow whose grip is decorated with a deep green Tourmaline stone. Cielevan is highly reveared amongst Hunters and Druids alike, and is the favored patron of Rangers.




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