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In Search of Eretanis


T.smallhe Northern Reaches of Mierodran have long been a sought after destination for the hearty adventurer. Once home to a thriving Dwarven civilization, wilderness has now reclaimed vast stretches of the frigid Northern Reaches. The treasures of Mierodran’s glorious past now lay entombed within a myriad scattered ruins, free for the taking for those brave enough to claim it. Tales are also told of an even more ancient city of ice, thought to lay somewhere within the uncharted Thangloran Waists. Eretanis was one of the seven daughter cities of Avaluriend lost during the Sundering. Now, as war threatens to envelop the northern civilizations, one band of adventures sets out on an expedition to find the legendary city of ice in the hopes of recovering artifacts that will save their people.

Darkmoon Vale


S smallituated within the savage and untamed wilderness of Darkmoon Vale, the Western Baronies are the Wild West of the Northern Reaches. Life is cheap and fraught with adversity within the vale. While the Baronies pledge fealty to the king of Caldoranth, it is no secret that they are really ruled by a corrupt consortium of Lumber Barons intent on harvesting the precious Sidoren Ash that grow within the Tindori Woods. Not only has the consortium destroyed a third of Darkmoon Vale’s forests, causing the wrath of Elf, Fey and Lycan to fall upon the Baronies, but this regime also continues to oppress its citizens, squeezing nearly every copper from those within. In a realm where justice and law are on opposing sides, one band of adventures must traverse the boundaries between right and wrong in order to defend the Western Baronies from threats from without, and from within.


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