Without controversy, goblins and their close kin are the most numerically prodigious humanoid creatures living within Eriond’s northern reaches. However, with the exception of the lone hob-goblin stronghold of Charnoth located at the southern base of Mt. Glorimar, these creatures make their dwelling within the remote warrens or Dwarven ruins located throughout the Hammodrans. No one really knows where the goblins came from, nor when they first migrated to the northern mountains, but they have infested the Hammodrans for at least as long as the Dwarves have dwelt upon them.


Goblinkirmishes between the goblin clans and the Dwarves of Igladan were frequent prior to and just following the Demonspawn Wars. However, when men first began construction of the city of Caldoranth the goblin clans united and besieged the fledgling city, slaughtering over a thousand humans in a day. In response, the men of Caldoranth called upon their Dwarven allies and launched a massive counteroffensive. The two races fell upon the goblin dens with such a furry that they nearly extinguished all goblinoid life within the Hammodrans. However, a few scattered tribes escaped the genocide, and fled to more remote regions of the mountains where they could rest, and in time, recover their numbers.

Dwelling within the deep warrens of the Vale of Anithroth is one such clan known as the Blithgog. The Blithgog appear to be small in number, though no one really knows their exact size. This goblin clan has never risked outright war with either Igladan or Caldoranth. However, it has engaged in raids on several of Caldoranth’s smaller northern villages, and has made passage through the Vale of Anithroth all but impossible. Recently miners from Caldoranth have discovered large deposits of Luminiad ore within the Vale. As a result, Caldoranth has begun to set up militia protected mining operations within gullies of the Hammodrans. This has greatly increased hostilities between Caldoranth and the Blithgog, and the goblins have increased their attacks on human villages as a result.


425x330.aspxThe Herzeglob are a mixed clan of goblinoid creatures that inhabit the ruins of MierEgrith. Currently, it is estimated that some 7,000 goblin or goblinoid creatures dwell in the ruins. Unlike the Blithgog clans in the western heights of the Hammodrans, the Herzeglob are seasoned in war. Indeed skirmishes with Bugbears, warg riders and giant bat riders are a frequent occurrence among local inhabitants ofthe Andreth Forest, and more than a few outposts have been pillaged by these foul creatures. Moreover, the goblins of this clan appear to be experts in metal working and glyph casting. While the Herzeblob do not trade with other races, through skirmishes with the natives of Andreth Forest, some of their weapons and armaments have found their way to northern markets where their expert quality fetches a high price.

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