A Brief History of Hidroth Lea

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Hidroth lea introduction

A brief history of hidroth lea

For the first two and a half centuries of its existence, Hidroth Lea and its surrounding county remained a small and relatively insignificant region within the nation of Caldoranth. It’s remote location granted the town a large degree of independence, though this was bought at the price of a loss of protection from Caldoranth’s militia. As a result, Hidroth Lea grew into a modest sized, though relatively self sufficient agrarian town. While the town did engage in trade with Igladan, exporting textiles and food-stuffs in exchange for raw ore, the town profited little through this exchange due to the fact that their merchant caravans were often raided by other monstrous races dwelling within the downs.

However several recent events have helped to improve the fortunes of Hidroth Lea. To begin with, Caldoranth and Igladan became allied with their southern neighbor, Dwinovar, after the defeat of the nation of Taladun. With the defeat of Taladun, the kingdoms of Dwinovar began to enjoy a period of relative peace and prosperity. A renewed interest in the northern reaches arose in these kingdoms as legends of ancient northern ruins filled with Dwarven treasure, and of a long lost elven city located somewhere within the northern reaches begun to circulate amongst the south lands. Thus, in the last century or so a steady stream of adventurers has gradually flowed into the North. Several Dwarven ruins have been unearthed and the riches of these delves have saturated Hidroth Lea’s economy. The last generation of Hidroth’s Counts have invested much of this new found revenue into the region’s infrastructure: stone walls have replaced the former wooden palisade surrounding the town; repairs have been made to the King’s Highway and the road is now patrolled by the local militia; and, local adventuring parties have been commissioned to clear the surrounding county of its monstrous inhabitants. These renovations have enabled the King’s Highway to once more become a viable and profitable trade route, with Hidroth Lea ideally situated between the major cities of both North and South. As a result Hidroth Lea has become the fastest growing town in the north, and is soon to become a prominent city in its own right.



A Brief History of Hidroth Lea

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