Elven ranger from the Tindor forest


Character Level: Ranger 9
Initiative: +3
HP: 52

AC: 22 (Touch 16; Flat-footed 20)
Fortitude: +6
Reflex: +9
Will: +5

BAB: +9/+4
CMB: +12

Giantsbane longsword: +13; 1d8+5
Magic longsword: +13; 1d8+3
Giantsbane longsword: +8; 1d8+5
Magic longsword: +8; 1d8+3

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My father was of the Nyn’Eloid, or Woodland Wardens in the Common tongue, guarding the Tindor forest with devotion. My mother was Elven, of that I am sure, but who she was or where she came from is unknown to me. I did not know her, and to ask about her was to bring sorrow to my father. As I grew, it became apparent that I was no ordinary Elven woman: it shocked everyone to know that the Tongue of the Ilad was silent within me; I had no ability to derive power from it. Thus it came to be that I could never join the Nyn’Driel, or Woodland Daughters, in the defense of the forest, and was therefore useless.

But I was extremely strong and my fighting instincts were acute. I could handle my father’s Tindori Laurel Blade like no Elven woman could. It came naturally to me. I began to realize that I possessed all the qualities of a Woodland Warden but was prevented from being one because I was born female. So I pleaded with my father to teach me the skills of the Woodland Wardens, and because of his love for me, against all of the rules of the Elven society to which we belonged, he agreed. We moved to the outskirts of our village and we trained in secret. The Tindor forest became the test ground for all of my abilities and my father and I proved fearsome foes to any abomination that would trespass it, particularly Giant-type creatures like Trolls. It was during one of these forays in Tindor that we rescued a frightened young pup from a worthless she-Troll. The pup quickly attached himself to me and would not let me leave his sight. We had many animals at our home but this one proved truly exceptional; he had keen intelligence and a willingness to defend me with astonishing ferocity from my enemies. I named him Jedi, which in Elven means “quiet warrior”. During the few short years we’ve been together, we have trained side-by-side in combat and have formed a bond that I have never had with another animal.

The constraints of my Elven society began to feel like a prison to me. I was the object of much pity and I longed to escape. My father’s blessing came reluctantly, but soon I gathered up only what I needed to survive and set off from my father’s house with Jedi by my side. I did not bring my father’s Laurel Blade, though he offered it to me as a parting gift with many tears; the decision was difficult, but I knew that I did not want to be reminded of home to such an extent that my heart would be sick and I would return home without accomplishing anything. I wanted to forge a new identity, so I instead acquired a long sword and short sword along the way and spent several years practicing with each to reach a level of expertise that would make my father proud.

My decision to respond to the call for aid at Hidreth Lea was mostly out of curiosity about the society of other creatures of the Edanai, of which I had only heard stories but never encountered. Though men, dwarves and half-elves are nothing close to the beauty and majesty of my people, my father had told me that they are still creatures with unique gifts and even more unique cultures. I also long to understand the world outside the Tindor forest, to see for myself the ageless war between those that worship Andunai and those that were loyal to Elucion, and to aid the former and to unleash my fury on the latter. Only when Elucion’s remnants are wiped off Eriond will the Tindor forest truly be safe and at peace. My father raised me to love the woods and serve it with all my strength and I intend to do this very thing but in my own way.




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