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9/6/2011 Wow! Has it really been 5 months since my last update? To anyone who might actually be reading this, I’m about to embark upon a PhD in philosophy and will be moving over seas (to New Zealand!) to do so. As such, my time here sadly will be much curtailed. This may be one of the last updates I’ll be doing for a while. I just completed a world map for Eriond, which is now featured at the top of the “Maps” page. Updated Pages: Maps.
4/29/2011 I made a new map for the region of Veskar, and subsequently updated the Maps Page. Updated Pages: Maps.
3/25/2011 I have updated the Places Page to include more content on the civilizations of Eriond. Updated Pages: Places.
3/21/2011 Just updated the Miscellany section. New Pages: HTML Templates and Art Gallery. Updated Pages: Miscellany and Navigation Buttons.
3/19/2011 Working on setting up the Rules section. New Pages: Rules and Campaign Traits. Updated Pages: Arms & Armor and Prestige Points.
3/15/2011 Finally got around to writing the last chapter of our Etimar adventure. In addition, I’ve created a page for the “In Search of Eritanis” campaign I’m running, and updated our two campaign journals. New Pages: The Silver Key and In Search of Eritanis. Updated Pages: Finding the Silver Key and On Joining the Knighthood.
2/12/2011 I hurt my hand last week and haven’t been able to get around to creating much in the way of new content. New Pages: Elucien, Cielevan.
1/23/2011 I’m beginning to expand the current content on Religion, starting with the angels/gods that make up the pantheons of the two major religions of the world. New Pages: Isoldied, Tunasis and Selorion.
1/21/2011 Adventure Logs have now been updated. Updated Pages: 6. New Horizons, 7. The Rise of Genocron, 8. The Chuul Queen, 9. The Minotaurs Den, and Campaign Timeline.
1/13/2011 Finally starting to get to updating our adventure logs. Updated Pages: 2. The Orc Hunt, 3. The Contest of Hidroth Lea, 4. The Madness of Silverwheat and 5. Darkness Rises
1/7/2011 Yeah!!! Our “Search for Eritanis” campaign has finally come out of hiatus. We just played our first game in over 5 months. Hopefully we should be able to complete this story arc by the end of the Summer.
12/16/2010 Updated Pages: Teradith, Starling, Othowin, Orend, Orc Shaman, Orc Shaman and Lord Karn.
12/07/2010 Updated Pages: Durrand, Ibereth, Heelorox, Illendra and Gorlosh.
12/06/2010 Beginning the Process of updating the Characters Section. Updated Pages: Aribell, Arnodoul, Atherlend, Belindial, Elien, Etilwin and Erusha.
11/22/2010 Updated Pages: Acknowledgments. New Wiki Pages: Inspiration, Art Credits and Special Thanks have all been created.
10/01/2010 Age of Legends will be undergoing a massive overhaul. The first phase of this overhaul will be focused upon reformatting all existing pages with the new wiki and navigation graphics. This is done in order to make the site both more intuitive and more aesthetically appealing. The second phase will be to create more content for the campaign setting itself. As it stands, Age of Legends is still very much incomplete. In phase two I intend to fill in much of what is lacking.


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