Undeglor Cypress

The Undeglor, also commonly known as Marshwood, is a gnarled deciduous conifer that grows in the marshlands of the north (e.g. the fenlands of Aduthal and the marshes of Edalberith). The Undeglor varies in height but are usually 40 to 70ft tall. The bark of this tree is scaly and black-gray, and its needles are gray-green (though in autumn they turn old-gold to brick red before falling. The roots of the Undeglor are twisted groping things, extending down and outward in all directions from the base of the tree.

The Undeglor are among the oldest living trees in the north (some live up to 4,500 years), yet ironically these trees are often associated with death in northern folklore. Consequently, most northerners avoid areas heavily populated with the Undeglor.



Undeglor Cypress

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