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Tunasis Tunasis

Among the Lord’s host there are perhaps none as enigmatic as Tunasis. She is as cool and serene as a glacial lake, and as powerful and unpredictable as a winter squall. Tunasis is possessed of an intense halcyon countenance which belies the tempest within. At her command the heavens assault Eriond with violent gales of wind and ice, yet with a mere word she stills the raging cyclone. She is said to be the wisest of all of Anduanai’s creatures, yet she speaks naught but in riddle. No mortal has laid eyes upon Tunasis, yet all know her voice, which is carried on the wind throughout the world. She has been both tormentor and savior to those dwelling upon Eriond. For with a mighty gust she brought down the harlot towers of Artuvalas, yet at her command she halted the tempests of Eresis from destroying the city of Bethelador. Beautiful and terrible, Tunasis commends respect from friend and foe alike. She is among the four great Ilad faithful to Andunai, and of them, is second in prominence only to Arnulad. Tunasis is regent over the season of Winter, and ministers over the moon and the night. She is know variously as Lady Winter, Moon Child and Tempest.

Tunasis has never appeared before any mortal, yet some who have had visions of her describe her as a tall lithe woman clothed all in snowy silk. She has cool fair skin, hair as black as night and mysterious purple-gray eyes that seem to see beyond the world that is. She bears a scimitar of crystalline ice whose hilt and pommel are each encrusted with a brilliant purple amethyst. Tunasis is revered amongst Wizards and Sorcerers, and held in high regard amongst Elves and Druids.




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