Tindori Laurel

The amazing medicinal and culinary properties of this fine deciduous tree were first made use of by the wood elves. Later, Rangers wandering through the north discovered the secrets of the Tindori Laurel. In time, awareness of the Laurel spread throughout the north.

The Tindori laurel is a medium sized (80ft), broadly columnar shaped tree with wavy, zigzagging branches on which grow oblong, sharp toothed leaves of a grass-green hue. The leaves, bark and roots of the Tindori Laurel are pleasantly aromatic (somewhat similar to Sassafras). And all three have been used in the making of various medicinal tonics and salves. For the Tindori laurel contains properties known to soothe burns, stave off infection in open wounds, and act as antidotes to many poisons, diseases, rots and molds.

When dried, the leaves of the Laurel and the roots of its young shoots may be made into a hot herbal tonic, that while strong is quite pleasant. A dose of this tonic, known as Laurel Tea, temporarily increases the fortitude saves of those that drink of it by +1 for a period of 24 hours. In addition, when this tonic is administered by an individual performing a heal check, that individual gains a +4 circumstance bonus to heal poison or treat disease checks. A victim treated in this fashion recovers 1d2 hit points (the effects of ingesting multiple doses do not stack). Laurel tea is a popular beverage among Rangers who know where to find the trees in the wild.

A salve may be made by extracting the oils from bark and roots of the Laurel, or simply by crushing its leaves. A dose of this salve may be applied to an area affected by mold, fungus, infection or burn in conjunction with a heal check, granting the administer a +4 bonus to that heal check. A victim treated in this fashion recovers 1d2 hit points (the effects of applying more than one solve do not stack).

Finally, the wood elves have mastered the art of distilling the roots of the Laurel into a form of clear piquant alcohol, known as Tindori Bitter (or Wood Elf Liquor). While much of the medicinal properties have been distilled out of this liquor during the fermentation process, Tindori Bitter still lends a +2 circumstance bonus to heal checks made by those administering a dose of the alcohol to a patient. While painful, this alcohol may also be poured directly upon an affected area to achieve the same affect. Wood Elf Liquor has become a staple for the healers and surgeons that minister to the army of Caldoranth.

While the Tindori Laurel grows abundantly throughout the forests of the wood elves, it is somewhat rare outside these forests. Still, scattered groves may be found throughout the midlands (Survival Check DC 30).



Tindori Laurel

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