The Shrewd Merchant

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The shrewd merchant

The Shrewd Merchant is a banking and money lending association that was formed and is jointly owned and operated by a loose consortium of the towns guild masters, merchants and other nouveau riche known as the Arriviste. Unlike the majority of the other buildings set along Commonwealth Plaza, The Shrewd Merchant is double walled and made of solid stone. The building contains but one window, and one entrance, both of which are located at the front of the building. The building was constructed by interior architects and masons hailing from Igladon, and their Dwarvish influence is evident throughout the building. There are three interior levels of the building, each of which is illumined by a Daylight spell that has been made permanent. The first, or ground, level of the Shrewd Merchant is where business transactions are conducted. It holds one iron and drethidium plated safe containing various forms of currency, the sum of which never exceeds 2,000gp. The entrance to this level is guarded by two stout, heavily armed Dwarven mercenaries. The second level contains a series of safety deposit safes available for lease. Each safe is magically warded and trapped. This second level is guarded by two more Dwarves just is big, bad, and burly as those of the first level. The final level is given over to a large walk in safe, that is iron and drethidium plated, warded, and trapped. Herein is kept the bulk of the currency held by the Arriviste. While none save the Arriviste themselves are allowed access to this level, it is rumored that a horrible watcher of some sort guards the safe.

Proprietor: The Arriviste (different members operate the business at various times).

  • Currency Changing: The Establishment is capable of changing up to 2,000gp in currency per customer, per day at a 5% fee (an additional 2,000gp may be changed for a customer in the same day but the fee doubles).
  • Money Lending: The Arriviste is wiling to lend money, and establish lines of credit with individuals on a case by case basis. The terms and conditions for such credit loan (including the amount, APR and repayment schedule) is entirely subject to the discretion of the Arriviste, and will vary widely from individual to individual based upon the Arriviste’s appraisal of the risk involved in such a loan.
  • Banking: Safety deposit safes are available for lease. Each one stores up to 5,000gp, and are rented out quarterly for 100gp per quarter.



The Shrewd Merchant

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