The Mount's Inn

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The mount s inn

Located just inside of Southgate, this establishment is truly unique. It is the only Inn within Hidroth Lea that caters exclusively to the needs of its clientele’s animals. While the other Inns in town do have stables, they tend to be overcrowded, and sometimes filthy. The recent influx of merchants and adventurers gave rise to the need for accommodations for the mounts of these travelers. An enterprising Ranger by the name of Thalad Breneth took it upon himself to meet this need; thus, the Mount’s Inn was born. Thalad seems ideally suited for this business as he is excessively fond of animals. The balding man often dotes over the animals under his care, seeing to their every need. Business has been good for the Mount’s Inn, allowing Thalad to hire on a number of Stable-hands to help run the establishment. Thalad himself has also begun to breed and train thoroughbred horses. Many of the warhorses used by the militia, as well as the mounts of the nobility were reared by Thalad.

Proprietor: Thalad Breneth.

Clientele: Merchants, adventurers and traveling nobles.

Lodging: Good clean, spacious stables and the finest feed money can buy.

Pricing: 2sp per night.

Merchandise: Trained and untrained horses.



The Mount's Inn

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