Terminology and Slang

Caldoranth’s human residents all speak Endilaran, the second most widely spoken tongue in Mierodran after the Dwarven tongue Ondros. Here are some of the terminology and slang of this language that you can expect to encounter throughout the vale.


Herder: a shepherd.

Southlander: Anyone originating from the lands south of Etobran.

Whiff: The act of smoking the narcotic “Selk”. E.g. ”Are you on the whiff?”.

Insults and curses

Peck: Mostly used to refer Halflings but can be used to refer to Gnomes or other huminoid creatures of small stature.

Whiffer: Used to refer to someone who smokes the narcotic “Selk”.

Frother: Originally used to refer to the Orc barbarians of the the Atrowan heights, this derogatory term is now commonly used to refer both to half-orcs and to other nomadic humans that are considered to be barbarians. Considered a major insult, especially to half-orcs.

Necro: This term is used to refer to necromancers and those that tamper with necrotic power. However the term is shorthand for “necrophiliac” and generally implies a perverse sexual attraction to the undead.

Twig: A wood-elf (wood-elves find this term mildly insulting).

Tart: A prostitute or woman of lose morals.

Flames of Sorradadun: Refers to the fiery prison of Sorradadun reserved for the fallen Ilad. This phrase is used to accentuate speech, as in: ”What in flames of Sorradadun is going on here?!” It is often abbreviated simply as “Flames,” as in: ”Who the flames are you?!”

Elucien’s Arse: Refers to the rear end of the chief deity of the Cult of Thyrn. This phrase has a range of meaning; e.g.: ”Flames, this place stinks like Elucien’s Arse!”, or ”That tart’s uglier than Elucien’s Arse”.

Expressions and aphorisms

”May Andunai smile upon [X]”: Meaning, may God bless, watch over, and/or have grace and mercy upon X. For instance, ”May Andunai smile upon you’re journey”, or ”May Andunai smile upon my poor little ewe-lamb”.



Terminology and Slang

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