Special Materials

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Special materials

Special materials

NOTE: where indicated, several of the materials listed below either supersede or replace materials listed in the DMG and the PCRB.

Batwing Leather: is stripped from the wings of the great northern Desmodu bat, and is stretched and tanned to produce a lightweight, formfitting suit of armor. Batwing leather appears slightly translucent (like velum) and ranges in color from muddy pink to brown to dark grey. It is as sturdy as regular leather, yet softer and lighter. Batwing leather is valued at 15-20 gp a lb.

Dragonscale: is, of course, taken from the hide of a dragon. The scales of this fearsome member of the Iunid are incredibly hard, and possess small traces of the magic of creature that bears them. The scales of a large dragon may be used to make a single suit of light armor and a small shield. All dragonscale armor must be crafted by a master (and is thus considered masterwork armor). Apart from the cost of materials, a light suit of armor and a light shield cost 2,000 gp to craft (this cost has already been figured into the price of the suit of arms) and each possesses the following: energy resistance of 1 to some form of energy (e.g. acid for black dragons, electricity for blue dragons, fire for red dragons etc.), damage reduction of 1/magic, and a +1 bonus to AC. The un-worked hide of a large dragon is valued at 8,000 gp.

A huge dragon may be used to make a single medium coat of arms and a heavy shield. A medium set of arms and shield cost 5,000 gp to craft (see above comment) and possesses the following: energy resistance of 5 to some form of energy, damage reduction of 3/magic and a +3 bonus to AC. The un-worked hide of a huge dragon is valued at 20,000 gp.

A colossal or gargantuan dragon may be used to make a single heavy coat of arms and a heavy shield. A heavy set of arms and shield cost 15,000 gp to craft and possesses the following: energy resistance of 10 to some form of energy, damage reduction of 5/magic and a +5 bonus to AC. The un-worked hide of a colossal or gargantuan dragon is valued at 45,000 gp. Note that while not listed here, smaller dragons may be used to make any form of leather, hide or scalemail armor. There are, however, no intrinsic benefits to these forms of armor. Crafting a set of armor out of a smaller dragon costs the same as that of a suit of masterwork armor of the same type (NOTE: the details offered here for Dragonscale supersede those given in the DMG and the PCR).

Drethidium: is among the rarest, and quite possibly the hardest, elements within Eriond. This metal has only been discovered within the heart of the Hammodrans. In appearance, Drethidium is much like brass, yet with a redder hue. It is extremely dense and half again as heavy as steal. Blades forged from Drethidium retain their edge for decades, but sharpening a blunted blade requires the skill of a master weaponsmith. Drethidium is valued at about 7.5 times the price of gold (NOTE: Drethidium functions similar to, and replaces Adamantine in Age of Legends).

Green Steel: is made from an alloy of iron, carbon and Luminiad. While not as light as Luminiad, Green Steel is a quarter lighter than its average steel counterpart, thus allowing its bearer greater ease of mobility. As alluded to by its name, Green Steal bears a beautiful golden green tint ranging in hue from shades of walnut to olive and avocado. Green Steel is valued at roughly 6 times the cost of ordinary high carbon steel.

Luminied: is as strong as steal (yet half the weight), as beautiful as silver, and, when crafted by a master, as soft as satin. It is rarer by far than gold (yet not so rare as Drethidium) and widely sought after for its beauty and strength. While most frequently employed by the elvish craftsman of Tilieth Angul, the Dwarven forges deep within the Hammodrans have produced coats of arms such quality as to rival their fairer brethren’s craft. Luminied is valued at 10 times the coast of gold (1 lb = 500gp), and is about ½ the weight of steel (NOTE: Luminied functions similar to and replaces both Mithral and Platinum in Age of Legends).

Mammoth Skin: is taken from the Mastodons of the northern plains. This leather is more durable than average leather, yet it is also heavier and more cumbersome. While typically used in the Armor of the Hidrai, it is also sometimes utilized by other human or Dwarven craftsmen for their armaments.

Sidoren Ash: is as hard as the woods typically employed in he crafting of arms and armor, yet it weighs only half as much as the other varieties of wood. While once plentiful, Sidoren Ash has become quite rare in the last few centuries due to over-harvesting. However, a skilled woodsman will still be able to find a few clusters of these trees within the southern forests of Caldoranth. Sidoren Ash is valued at about 25 times the cost of ordinary wood (NOTE: Sidoran Ash functions similar to and replaces Darkwood in Age of Legends).


(30ft) (20ft)


Sidoren Ash
Shield +250gp - - - +2 -5% - - -50%

Batwing Leather
Light +200gp - - +1 -1 -5% Same Same 75%
Medium +350gp - - +1 -1 -5% Same Same 75%

Mamoth Skin
Light +0gp - +1 -1 +1 +5% Same Same 125%
Medium +0gp - +1 -1 +1 +5% Same Same 125%

Green Steel
Light +600gp - - +1 -1 -5% Same Same 75%
Medium +2,500gp - - +1 -2 -5% 30ft 20ft 75%
Heavy +6,000gp - - +1 -2 -10% Same Same 75%
Shield +600gp - - +1 -1 -5% - - 75%

Light +1,000gp - - +2 -2 -10% Same Same 50%
Medium +4,000gp - - +2 -3 -10% 30ft 20ft 50%
Heavy +10,000gp - - +2 -3 -15% 30ft 20ft 50%
Shield +1,000gp - - +1 -2 -10% - - 50%

Light +4,000gp 1/- +1 - +1 +5% Same Same 150%
Medium +9,000gp 2/- +2 -1 +2 +10% Same Same 150%
Heavy +24,000gp 3/- +3 -1 +3 +15% 15ft 10ft 150%
Shield +4,000gp 1/- +1 - +1 +5% - - 150%

Light +5,000gp 1/Mag +1 - - - Same Same Same
Medium +25,000gp 3/Mag +1 - - - Same Same Same
Heavy +75,000gp 5/Mag +5 - - - Same Same Same
Shield +5,000gp 1/Mag +1 - - - Same Same Same



Special Materials

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