Sidoren Ash

Sidoren Ash is a majestic tree that once thrived throughout the midlands. In the Fourth Age, the lumber of this ash became a prized commodity due to it beauty and incredibly light weight durability. Originally the ash was utilized primarily in the crafting of longbows and shields. However the ash’s excellent qualities soon became recognized by carpenters who crafted furniture to the upper classes who in turn viewed owning furniture made from Sidoren Ash as a mark of status. Soon after the popularity of this tree grew out of hand and demands for its lumber from both military and residential sectors led to wide-spread deforestation of the Sidoren Ash throughout the midlands.

Today the only remaining forests of Sidoren Ash are to be found in the Elven lands of Anguliad and the Tindori Forest. It can, however, still be found surviving in small groves throughout the midlands, yet here its continued existence is threatened by the ambitions of loggers (Survival Check DC 35).

The Sidoren Ash is a broadly columnar medium sized (95ft) deciduous tree with grey corky and scaly barks and leaves whose color are a blend of dusk green and flame orange. In the autumn the color of the leaves give way to a brilliant hue of orange before dropping. The heartwood of Sidoren ash is an attractive rich brownish brick red with dark brown veining that may be polished to a fine finish.



Sidoren Ash

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