Shimmer Glass

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Shimmer glass

Asmall but lavish jewelry and crystal boutique located on the west side of Commonwealth Plaza. Shimmer Glass is owned by a sophisticated and elegantly dressed half-elf women named Luriel Dwenan, and her talented and creative Husband Eredel Dwenan, an Elf hailing from Anguliad. Luriel imports precious stones and metals from Igladon and the Halls of Durath, and runs the business side of the shop. Eredel crafts from these imported goods, flowing curves of the most exquisite jewelry. He also blows glass, and specializes in crystal wine goblets and decanters. Eredel’s quality craftsmanship is well known throughout the region and many among the nobility and the nouveau riche seek out his work.

Owners: Luriel and Eredel Dwenen.

Merchandise: Quality Jewelry and Crystal.

  • Appraisal: Luriel and Eredel are both experts at appraising jewels and jewelry.
  • Jewel Imports: The shop will often purchase Jewels and Jewelry uncovered in a dungeon delve.
  • Merchandise: Expensive (25% Higher than list prices in the DMG/PCR).
  • Appraisal: Standard.
  • Imports: Standard.



Shimmer Glass

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