Shimmer Fur

The Shimmer Fir is strange and hauntingly beautiful tree. This evergreen conifer is a medium sized (85ft), broadly conical shaped, tree with black-gray scaly bark and exceptionally glossy dark green-silver needles.

The Shimmer Fir is named after its uncanny ability to refract light through its lacquered needles. A Shimmer Fir swaying in the summer breeze has the appearance of flowing water. Viewed from a far off height, a dense grove of this unique tree looks astonishingly like a glittering lake.

Added to the mystique of this evergreen is the fact that the Shimmer Fir is a favorite haunt for woodland pixies, which flutter about the tree casting their starry reflection in all directions. Shimmer Fir is prized by carpenters both for its durable, alluring light weight lumber, and for its glossy sap, which is used as a lacquer. The heartwood of Shimmer Fir is an attractive pearlescent light brown with dark brown metallic veining that may be polished to a fine finish. Shimmer Fir is a rare evergreen found in mountain regions such as the Hammodrans, and the Atrowan heights (DC 30 Surv.).



Shimmer Fur

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