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T.smallhe Magisterium is by far the dominant religious institution of the eastern lands. The Magisterium lays claim to both spiritual and civic authority in worldly affairs. It ascribes the creation of the plains and cosmos to a uniquely divine being known as Andunai. Andunai, the One, is Father to all and is the only being truly worthy of creaturely worship. He is ministered to by an angelic host who act as his ambassadors to the world of Eriond.

Cult of Thyrn


T.smallhe Cult of Thyrn is a collection of religious sects that dominate the lands of the West. These sects are united by a common pantheon and teach that the seeds of divinity lie dormant within an impersonal cosmos. The Dark Lords were the first to emerge from the cosmos to claim for themselves the divinity that was their birth right. Thus they are worshiped and obeyed in the hope that the worshiper may likewise unlock the secrets of divinity and so ascend to godhood.

Mystery Cults


A. small vast spectrum of less established belief systems lies between the two great religions of East and West. These are known collectively as Mystery Cults. Some of these cults are little more than slightly heterodox variations of the Magesterium or the Cult of Thyrn. Others differ more profoundly. Yet no single mystery cult has ever gained a large enough following to be considered as a serious rival to ether the Magisterium or the Cult of Thyrn.


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