While numerous religions and metaphysical narratives have taken root in the minds of those dwelling within Eriond, two in particular have become formally institutionalized as established religions. The first is known as the Magisterium, while the second is called the Cult of Thyrn. These two religions share in common a more or less similar cosmological account, though they differ radically in both dogma and doxology. The Magisterium is an essentially monotheistic religion that ascribes the creation of the plains and cosmos to a uniquely divine being known as Andunai. Andunai, the One, is Father to all and is the only being truly worthy of creaturely worship. He is ministered to by an angelic host of Ilad and Iunid, who act as his ambassadors to the world of Eriond.

By contrast, the Cult of Thyrn espouses a polytheistic form of pantheism, according to which, the seeds of divinity lay dormant in the impersonal primordial cosmos. The Ilad and the Iunid were the first to emerge out of this chaotic milieu to claim for themselves the divinity that was their birth right. Other lesser creatures soon emerged from the void, yet these lacked the wisdom and power to ascend to divinity without the assistance of the Masters. The Iunid and the Ilad are understood by Thyrn cultists as gods who are both to be worshiped and obeyed in order that the worhiper may himself (herself) likewise one day unlock the secrets of their own divinity and so ascend. The Magesterium and the Cult of Thyrn thus espouse incommensurable dogmas, which has led to a vexed and bloody ongoing conflict between the two religions for the hearts and minds of all those dwelling upon Eriond.

In between these two disparate established religions, lies a vast spectrum of less established cultic belief systems which are known collectively as Mystery Cults. Some of these cults are little more than slightly heterodox variants of the two great established religions. Others differ more profoundly, embodying animistic, materialistic or naturalistic tendencies. No single mystery cult has ever gained a large enough following however, to be considered as a serious rival to ether the Magisterium or the Cult of Thyrn.




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