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Races of Eriond


E. smallriond is home to a myriad different intelligent races; some mortal, others magical, and still others supernatural. This section discusses the six core races and sub-races of D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder. As much of the game mechanics of these races remains identical to what’s presented in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, the focus of this section is on the way in which these races and sub-races inhabit the world of Eriond. In the link above you will find information regarding the primary regions and languages of each race, as well as any other campaign setting specific information on those races (NOTE: this link does not yet exist).

Cultural Regions


A. smallfter the Sundering there arose a cultural divide between the lands of the East and those of the West. In the ages that followed, war, trade and migration all helped to bridge this divide, leading to a vast spectrum of cultural regions within the known world of Eriond. Since one’s cultural heritage determines much about a person’s character, outlook and skill sets, this section discusses the specific game mechanics related to Eriond’s cultural regions. In the link above you will find information on the languages, feats, equipment etc. specific to each region (NOTE: This link does not yet exist).


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