Pantheon of the Magisterium

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The messanger of andunai


According to the Magisterium, there is but one true God, and He brooks no rivals. Hence, it is somewhat inaccurate to speak of the Magisterium as having a Pantheon. Yet since Andunai has seen fit to vest ministerial authority over the world in his archangels, the Ilad, the Magisterium has developed a system of patronage. Each of the twelve chief Ilad play an important role within the faith and practice of this religion. For each has been given a unique domain of influence. Some minister over the Sun, others over the Winter, still others over the seas. Cathedrals and basilica’s have been built in honor of these archangels and various clerical and paladin orders are devoted to their own Patron Ilad. The Ilad in return bestow a measure of divine grace upon those devoted to them as well. However it is understood that the source fount of this grace is none other than Andunai, the One, and what service is rendered to the Ilad, is accounted as service unto him. In like manner, powerful though they be, the Ilad are seen ultimately as Andunai’s servants sent to minister to the world of Eriond.


Ilad Favored
Domains Devotees
Arnulad Broadsword Good, Sun, Fire, Air, Law, Strength, Nobility Paladins, Fighters, Humans, Aristocrats, Dwarves
Eridial Longsword Good, Sun, Protection, Healing, Liberation Paladins, Commoners, the oppressed, Dragons
Lumacien Quarterstaff Good, Sun, Travel, Magic, Knowledge Wizard, Bard, Scholars, Elves, Half-Elves
Unduliod Sickle Good, Earth, Plant, Animal, Weather, Repose Druids, Rangers, Wood Elves, Farmers
Avidon Shortsword
Good, Earth, Luck, Charm, Magic Bard, Sorcerers, Rogues, Farmers, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Fey
Ondurial Mace Good, Earth, Nobility, Community, Artifice Aristocrats, Artisans, Humans, Dwarves
Tunasis Scimitar Good, Cold, Weather, Air, Magic, Rune Wizards, Sorcerers, Bard, Druids, Elves
Caelovarod Warhammer Good, Cold, Strength, Law, Artifice Artisans, Paladins, Fighters, Dwarves, Gnomes
Ordolost Greataxe Good, Cold, Water, Strength, Glory Barbarians, Fighters, Sailors, Giants, Merfolk, Dwarves
Cerim Longspear Good, Water, Plant, Magic, Charm, Heal Druids, Sorcerers, Rangers, Fey, Wood Elves, Elves, Lovers
Cielevan Longbow Good, Water, Animal, Protection, Travel Rangers, Druids, Fey, Wood Elves, Hunters
Ilandriol Rapier Good, Water, Community, Knowledge, Law Aristocrats, Paladins, Merchants, Humans



Pantheon of the Magisterium

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