Naiad Alder

This Alder is a medium sized deciduous tree (60ft) with light grey-brown fissured bark and ovate, finely toothed leaves (the tops of which are a shiny dark green, and the bottoms of which are a pale grey green). The Naiad Alder thrives in cool moist areas and are found throughout the dells of the Hamodrans, along the Dantalig River, throughout the fenlands of Anduthal, and in groves surrounding the marshes of Edalberith.

This alder was given its name for its love of the lakes and the streams of the north. In popular folklore the Alders are thought to be enamored with the Naiads of the water. Naiad Alder lumber is waterproof and is thus used in the construction of ships, bridges and dwellings within damp regions. The heartwood of the Naiad Alder is a creamy brown with cinnamon veining.



Naiad Alder

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