Loot Tracker

Hey Guys, so here is the most recent loot that has been gained in our Delve through Etimar. Some of these items have already been claimed, others have not. In the future I intend to use this page as a place for recording the loot gained for each new session. Once an item has been claimed by a party member, or the party has liquidated it (or divided it in the case of currency), then I’ll take it off the list.

Loot tracker

As of 7/15

  • +2 DMW Slick Luminiad Chain Shirt 1x.
  • +1 DMW Luminiad Breastplate 1x
  • DMW Luminiad Chain Shirt 2x
  • +2 DMW Luminiad Giantsbane Longsword 1x
  • +2 DMW Luminiad Giantsbane Broadsword 1x
  • +2 DMW Luminiad Heavy Shield 2x
  • +1 DMW Sidoren Ash Arrow Buckler 1x
  • Rod of Maximize Lesser 1x
  • +2 Band of Ogre Power 2x
  • +1 Ring of Protection 1x
  • +1 Cloak of Resistance 1x
  • +2 Headband of Intellect 1x
  • +2 Amulet of Health 1x
  • +2 Gloves of Dexterity 2x
  • +2 Periapt of Wisdom 2x
  • Assorted DMW armaments (6,500gp)
  • Assorted DMW armaments (3,500gp)
  • Assorted Luminiad Nuggets (300 = 3,000gp)
  • Assorted Luminiad Nuggets (200 = 2,000gp)
  • Assorted Luminiad Coins (1,500 = 15,000gp)
  • Assorted Luminiad 5 lb Bars (10 = 25,000gp)
  • Assorted Jewelry and Gems (6,500gp)—Vault.
  • Gulgaloth—+3 Wounding Rune Axe (Donated to SLR)

If there are any magical or mundane items that you really want your character to have, this is your chance to request them. These could be items that you want in the near future, or items that you would like further down the road. Each of you will have your own separate wish list. If the item is not something I’m likely to be familiar with, along with the name of the item, give a brief description of what the item does and where I can find out more about it. I will take these requests into consideration when planning upcoming adventures, though not all requests will be able to be filled right away.

Loot wishlist

Fethraden’s Wishlist
Mara’s Wishlist
Romen’s Wishlist
Phadran’s Wishlist
Thelend’s Wishlist



Loot Tracker

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