In Search of Eritanis Campaign

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O1ur tale begins within Hidroth Lea, a large town located in the Downs of Edigroth. Four adventurers hailing from different lands cross paths in the frigid north. Each had their own reason for coming to Hidroth Lea, yet Romen, Mara, Phadran and Leuca were united by the vision of discovering Eretanis, the lost elven city of Ice. These adventurers spent their early career helping to secure Hidroth Lea and became known within the North as the Four Horns. Sadly Leuca met his end at the claws of a white dragon. Yet the Horns were later joined by Fethraden and Thelend. This is their story.

Dramatis Personae

Phadran template

Mara template

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The Story

Chapter 1: The Trouble with Giants
Chapter 2: The Orc Hunt
Chapter 3: The Contest of Hidroth Lea
Chapter 4: The Madness of Silverwheat
Chapter 5: Darkness Rises
Chapter 6: New Horizons
Chapter 7: The Rise of Genocron
Chapter 8: The Chuul Queen
Chapter 9: The Minotaurs Den
Chapter 10: The Silver Key



In Search of Eritanis Campaign

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