Hidroth Lea

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Hidroth Lea

Hidroth lea

To look at the town now it’s hard to imagine the humble beginnings from whence she came. Only a generation ago Hidroth Lea was no more than a wayside stop for herders and the occasional merchant. So little was Hidroth Lea’s import in the northerlands that it did not even show up on any of the maps of Caldoranth. Yet in my lifetime I have witnessed the rebirth of our town! Hidroth Lea is a rising star within Caldoranth, and very soon we shall take our seat along side Endrell and Etobran as one of the most important trade cities within the northern reaches.

Atherlend Hidroth, Count of Hidroth Lea

Hidroth Lea is a large town located along the King’s Highway within the mist-laden Downs of Edigroth. The town is both the political center of Hidroth County, and the center of one of only two archdiocese in the Northern Reaches. The town was founded three hundred years ago by King Thaladon, who appointed Count Aldon Hidroth as Lord of the realm. Aldon in turn appointed Trebeth Etheborne as the realm’s Baron Knight Protector. The Hidroths and the Ethebornes have shared leadership over the County ever since.

There is a tangible air of excitement, hope and expectation within Hidroth Lea. Located as it is in the center of the most important trade route in the north, the town has begun to become a destination point for many. New businesses spring up each year as more and more merchants and artisans from the southlands migrate north. This newly enriched cultural scene has helped to give the once rural town a “cosmopolitan” feel. Likewise, many adventurers pass through town on their way to the latest expedition. Quite a few moreover choose to settle within Hidroth Lea, given its close proximity to the treasure-filled Ruins of Ondur. In fact, due in part to recent historical events and in part to the able administration of the town’s last two Counts, Hidroth Lea has become the fastest growing town in the north.



Hidroth Lea

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