Halls of Duroth

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Halls of durath

Halls of durath


The Halls of Durath were built nearly five hundred years ago, just after the siege of Githrost upon the Halls of Egrith. The mighty dragon slew many dwarves from clans Egrith and Durath that were dwelling within, and those that survived fled over the mountain to settle in the neighboring crags of Mt. Gloremar. Since this time, the Dwarvs have slowly rebuilt new halls, delving ever deeper into the mountain. Their numbers have increased, and they have once more grown prosperous through unearthing the mountains rich ore. Yet bitterness still mars the heart of many a Dwarf at the memory of loved one’s lost and treasure stolen by the brutality of the Dragon. While Githrost has long since past from this life, a large goblinoid clan has taken up residence in the ruins of Egrith. Though the fierce anger of the Dwarves of within Duroth burn against these goblins, the Herzaglob are far too great in number for the Dwarves to seize back what belonges to them. Visitors are welcome in the Halls of Duroth, but are treated with more suspicion than would be encountered in other Dwarven Halls. The Dwarves are fondest of Good Drink and song, and thus, bards are always in demand.

Teritories and population

These Halls of Duroth are located within Mt. Gloremar, at the far eastern edge of the Hammodrans. The Halls are home to some 5,000 Dwarves, and one mischievous Gnome.


The Dwarves of the clan of Duroth, like the Dwarves of Igladan, speak Ondros, though their dialect is somewhat different from their eastern kin. The Dwarves also are often familiar with Endilaran, Cephlur and Galdob.

Law and politics

The clan is headed by a chieftain monarch who possesses absolute rule over the clan. While the laws and precepts of former kings may serve as a kind of precedent that guides the Kings decisions, the chieftain king is not, however, bound by such laws. They only constraint upon the Kings authority is his own laws. If a king issues a law, that law remains in effect throughout the lifetime of the King. Not even the king may amend, or break the law without falling subject to the punishment thereof. Thus, the issuing of laws is a solemn affair for the chieftain king, and the council of elders and chroniclers is usually sought in such matters. The king may also issue commands in the form of precepts, which are a lesser form of clan law that may be amended or repealed at a latter time. Meldur MierDuroth is the current King of the Halls of Duroth, and his temper is a blazing fire.


All of the male Dwarves, and many females as well, receive some martial training with the Axe or the Hammer. Yet only the warriors of the clan are trained in the use of armor. There is at least one warrior in ten amongst the population of Duroth. Hence the Dwarves retain an active militia of 500 strong, though nearly 3,000 Dwarves may be readied for war in order to protect the clan holdings. While tensions between the Dwarven Clans of Duroth and Egrith and the Goblanoid Herzeglob Clan remain high, none of the conflicts that have broken out have lead to outright war. However, were the Herzeglob to stray to near to the Dwarven Halls, who knows what might happen.


Like the Dwarves of Igladan, the clan of Duroth does not adhere to the ecclesiastical authority of the Magisterium (though clerics of the Magesterium are held in high regard). Yet the clan of Duroth does fear Andunai, and has built a cathedral to him within their Hall. The clerics of the clan also tend to be devotees of Ondurial.


The clan of Duroth does not have its own coinage but relies upon the Mierodran currency. The currency of Caldoranth is accepted within the Halls, but only at nine tenths of its original value.

While not as illustrious as MierEgrith, the Halls of Duroth are no meager collection of dens either. Mt. Gloremar is rich in ore, and the Dwarves have only begun to harvest her wealth. Superior arms and armor may be bought or traded for within the halls as well. The Dwarves import paper and ink from Glindell, and tubers, meat and furs most the human villages within the Andreth Forest.



Halls of Duroth

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