Guild Halls

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The guild halls

Located along the east end of Commonwealth Plaza are three prominent multistory buildings that constitute Hidroth Lea’s guildhalls. These guildhalls serve as the meeting place and political center for the town’s myriad guilds. With the exception of the textiles guild which exclusively controls its own Hall, none of the guilds are large enough to afford, or require the full use of an entire guildhall. Hence, the two remaining guildhalls are divided into an “artisans” guildhall, and a “Mages” guildhall, each of which houses multiple guild orders.

Textiles Guildhall: Is home to the textiles guild exclusively. Training materials and tools are available for guild use here, though most of the training occurs off site through apprenticeships in various textiles shops. Likewise, while the guildhall contains working facilities for its members, merchandise made within the guildhall is sold off-site in each of the various shops located within town.

The Artisans Guildhall: Houses a host of guilds including: nnkeepers, painters, sculptors, mistrals, architects, potters, masons, roofers, carpenters, smiths, armorers, cartographers, bookbinders, jewelers, bakers, cobblers and tanners. None of the shops of these various trades however is located within the guildhall.

The Mages Guildhall: Is home to the following guilds: alchemists, apothecary, herbalists, tinkers, mages, and sorcerers. Due to the relatively small number of members in each of these guilds (some of these contain as few as 2-3 members), the guildhall is also capable of serving as both a place of work and business, and many among these guild members do in fact work directly from the Mages Guildhall. The Guildhall contains two separate laboratories: the apothecary utilized by alchemists, apothecaries and herbalists (for brewing potions, mixing solutions and creating pharmaceutical medicines), and the arcanists laboratory, which is used by tinkers, wizards and sorceress to craft all manner of magical and mechanical items. The guildhall also contains a modest library of over 500 bound volumes, and nearly 1,000 unbound scrolls and manuscripts which are accessible only to guild members and members of the Society of Lost Relics. In addition, the guildhall contains a gift shop that stores the various products of its guilds on consignment. It is a good centralized location to do one-stop-shopping for arcane items. Lastly, the guildhall also serves as the charterhouse for the local chapter of the Society of Lost Relics.

Merchandise: alchemical, mechanical and wondrous items, scrolls, potions, rings, rods and wands.

Pricing: Standard (See the DMG/PCRB).



Guild Halls

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