Glen's Tannery

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Glen s tannery

This is one of a handful of tanneries within Hidroth Lea. Glen Oblund has been in business for nearly twenty years, and has established a reputation for his prompt and inexpensive, though less than amazing, craftsmanship in leather products. Glen himself is a silent brooding character who wreaks of the fumes of his life’s work. Notwithstanding these facts, many amongst the towns lower classes do business with Glen, rather than his competitors, due to his reliability and competitive prices. Any leather armor made by Glen suffers from a +1 armor check penalty due to its slightly poorer craftsmanship.

Owner: Glen Ublund.

Merchandise: Leather Armor, Wine & Waterskins, Barding, Saddles, Saddlebags.

Pricing: Competitive (10% lower than listed in the PHB/PCHB).



Glen's Tannery

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