Fenlands of Aduthal

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The Fenlands of Aduthal

The fenlands of aduthal

The fens of Aduthal of the north are pristine in the summer seasoon, having been fed by the glacial flow of the Hammodrans. Yet the fens are shrouded in mist during a good portion of the rest of the year. Here and there, rising out of the mists of the rocky mountain Isles, can be seen the rock hewn towers and bartizans of Igladan. Along the shores of the fenlands dwells Endrell, Caldoranth’s second largest city. To the east the fenlands become murky as the flow of glacial runoff begins to slow. Upon these Isles dwell two powerful beings: a cruel ancient white dragon named Turglez, and an aging High Sorcerer named Ondulyn. It is said that Turglez was the daughter of Aberthez, the great wyrm that was slain by Caldoranth during the siege of Endrathador. Turglez now soars through the night, avenging his mother on the people of Caldoranth, and on their Dwarven allies. During the Demonspawn Wars, Turglez pillaged many of the Dwarven cities in the Downs of Edigroth. In his lair lies a wealth of Dwarven treasure. For this reason fortune seekers will occasionally set out to find the dragon’s lair. Ondulyn traveled to the north some five decades ago in search of the lost city spoken of by Dirvan. He spent many years tracking down clues related to Divran’s quest before finally giving up the search and settling within the fenlands to live out the rest of his days in peace and quite. Neither Turglez nor Ondulyn seem much concerned with each other.



Fenlands of Aduthal

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