Exotic Weapons

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Exotic weapons

Exotic weapons

Herzeglob Claw Gauntlet: This goblin crafted steal gauntlet has thorn like spikes running up the length of the forearm, and three long gagged iron claws protruding outward just before the knuckles. This is the weapon of choice for the Hezerglob scouts who tend to wear one on either hand during combat.

Herzeglob Dart Gun: This is a simple blow gun device. The Herzeglob typically apply blue whinnis to the darts when they go on slaving raids so they can render their victims unconscious without seriously damaging them.

Herzeglob Scimitar: This jagged-edged shortsword is curved for slashing. It, like most of the armaments of the Herzeglob, is made from a darker steal. This is the favored weapon of the Herzeglob Ravagers.

Igladon Long Axe: This long hafted axe bears a family resemblance to the Halberd, yet retains the appearance of an axe. This weapon was designed with the defense of Igladon in mind. The length of the axe allows the Dwarves to slash or stab at the enemy as he ascends the face of the cliffs.

Tindori Laurel Blade: This shortsword is gently curved for slashing. The blade of the sword is patterned after Laurel leaves while the hilt is crafted from wood, and resembles the stem of the Laurel Leaf.

Tindori Laurel Spear: The center of this spear is smooth and straight, yet each end of the spear is gently curved and possesses a Laurel Blade. The spear may be used as a piercing or slashing weapon, and is considered a double weapon. It is the favored melee weapon of the Tindori Wardens.

Greathammer: This weapon resembles its smaller relative, the warhammer, in most respects. The difference between the two of course is that the greathammer is larger and nearly two times heavier the warhammer and must therefore be used as a two handed weapon by those untrained in its use. This weapon was developed by the Dwarves of Ondroth, and was their favored weapon. Its popularity has, however, spread throughout the North.






Light Melee
Herzeglob Scimitar 10gp 1d6 - 18/20 2 - 1lb Slash or Pierce
Herzeglob Claw G. 6gp 1d4 - 19/20 2 - 1lb Slash

One handed Melee
Laurel Blade 20gp 1d4 1d6 18/20 2 - 2lb Slash or Pierce
Greathammer 20gp 1d8 1d10 3 - 8lb Bludgeon

Two Handed Melee
Ivory Spear 40gp 1d8 1d10 3 10ft 10lb Pierce
Long Axe 50gp 1d10 1d12 2 - 12lb Slash or Pierce
Laurel Spear 75gp 2-1d6 2-1d8 19/20 2 - 7lb Slash or Pierce

Ranged Attack
Herzeglob Dart Gun 1gp 1 - 2 - 1lb Pierce



Exotic Weapons

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