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Etobran is the northernmost city of the nation of Vindovier. The city was first established by Lord Etobran in 177 A.S., shortly after the confederation of the kingdoms of Dwinovar. Built along the only major highway in the North, the city was slated to become an epicenter of trade between the nations of the North. However, the Dwarves never rebuilt the cities of Mierodran within the Downs of Edigroth, and Caldoranth was slow in colonizing the monster infested regions of the Downs. Hence, the highway remained too dangerous to be a viable trade route for many years. Further, in their ceaseless wars against the nations of Taladun and Rann, Vindovier was in constant need of food for the militia. Etobran thus came to exist primarily as one of many agricultural breadbaskets sustaining the war. The city also contributed many of its own men to the war effort and soon became home to many within the Northern Guard. Yet several factors conspired to broaden Etobran’s economic horizons. First, Caldoranth eventually did begin to settle the Downlands surrounding the Kings Highway, providing it with some much needed protection. Second, Taladun was eventually defeated, and the northern nations of Igladan, Caldoranth and Vindovier all forged military alliances against the eastern nations. Thus, Etobran soon became a thoroughfare for merchants traveling north. It has grown steadily in both size and importance in the north.

Teritories and population

Etobran is located on either side of the Dantalig River, in between the Downs of Edigroth and the Thandolir Plains. It is a moderate city of about 15,000 denizens. The population of the city consists of: 80% Men, 17% Dwarf, 2% Elf and 1% other.


Those living withing Etobran generally speak Vindish, and understand all of the various dialects of Dwinovar. They are equally conversant in Endilaran, and often in Ondros and Tindorin.

Law and politics

Vindovier is a sovereign kingdom confederated within the nation of Dwinovar. While the Magesterium has a set of “Cannon Laws” that both the crown, and the nation at large are bound by, each of the kings within the sovereign kingdoms of Dwinovar holds legislative, executive and military power over their own territories. Judicial power is vested within the Magisterium, which may veto the kings commands if they are deemed to be contrary to cannon law. The Magisterium possesses its own lands within the kingdom of Vindovier and maintains a marital order of clergy known as Paladins that serve to protect the citizens of Dwinovar from enemies abroad, and against the crown, should the king attempt to flout the ecclesiastical rule of Cannon law. Administration of towns and cities is overseen by a Lord Governor, who is subject both to the crown, and to the archbishop of the region. The Lord Governor raises a local militia, oversees taxation, and determines local policy. The Lord Governor also holds council with Knights, appointed to rule over surrounding villages, and with the city or town’s Guild Masters. While succession of the crown is determined by heredity, the positions of Lord Governor and Knight may either be hereditary or life appointments. Citizenship within Dwinovar is granted to all native born peoples who, upon reaching the age of maturity, swear fealty to both the Crown and the Cannon. The people of Vindovier are generally law abiding, whether that law is derived from the Cannon or the Crown. The city of Etobran is ruled by Lord Governor Dorathon. He is a military veteran with a good head on his shoulders for business. He is fair minded, and has a quick wit and warriors charm that endear him to all. But cross him at your own peril.


Etobran has prospered as a result of the steady influx of commerce, yet this prosperity has made the city a tempting target for marauding Orc bands and the occasional greedy dragon. As a result, Etobran boasts a fairly impressive local militia of 3,000 men at arms to deter any attempts at theft or pillage. Included within this order are 10 Knights of the Crown, and some 200 Northern Guard Cavalry. Yet with the recent plague of orc aggression to the west, currently two thirds of Etobran’s militia has been deployed at the western borders of Dwinovar.


As with all of Vindovier’s cities, Etobran lies within an archdiocese whose Archbishop exercises ecclesiastical rule over that region. The Archbishopric controlling the ecclesiastical province encompassing Etobran, is located in Atoier, within the Cathedral of Cielevan. Yet Etobran also has a local bishop who exercises ecclesiastical rule over the local region of Etobran. Currently, Father Therdred is the Bishop of the Etobran dioceses. He is a devotee of Cielevan, and rather young for a Bishop. Etobran, like most cities within Vindovier, is fairly zealous regarding their faith in Andunai. The presence of Thyrn cultists are not tolerated. In fact, engagement in Thyrn practices is a capital crime within Vindovier. Most of the clergy within the city tend to be devotees of either Cielevan or Ilandriol, though there are a few devoted to Arnulad and Eridial.


The nation of Dwinovar has a standard currency. Its most valuable coin is the luminiad “Dracus,” which is equivalent to 10gp. Next is the golden “Mark,” equal to 1gp. Following this is the silver “Shil,” equivalent to .1gp. Finally, there is the copper “Clik,” worth .01gp. While the currency of Mierodran is accepted within Etobran, the currency of Caldoranth must be changed, usually with a small (5%) fee.

Bordering the kingdoms of Vindovier and Mierodran along the major trade routes of both the Dantalig River and the Kings Highway, Etobran was destined to become a major hub of trade. Here Logs are drawn from the river, having been hewn by lumbermen in Caldoranth’s western Baronies. Tindori Spirits are likewise ferried downriver to Etobran. Precious stones and metals mined by Dwarves from deep within the Hammodrans are exchanged for cheeses and breads, dried meets and fruits, and fabrics of all kinds. Here too hunters and trappers bring meat and pelts in exchange for fresh and dried fruits and vegetables grown in Vindovier’s fertile soil. Dwarven Ale is brought here and then filtered down to the southern kingdoms. Some of the northernmost alchemical and wizards shops are found here as well. Thoroughbred horses are also bred, trained and sold or traded here.




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