Erilend's Antiques

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Erilend s antiques

Erilends s antiques

Erilend’s Antiques is a repository for all manner of ancient artifacts and oddities, whether they be magical or no. Erilend Olor first opened shop within Market Street some twenty years ago during the initial surge of northward migrating adventurers. Since that time her business has steadily expanded as wave upon wave of adventurers passed through town seeking to hock loot from their most recent dungeon delve. Of course most of the items that Erilend has come into possession of are of Dwarven artifice. All of the looting of millennium old Dwarven cities has caused Gleth MierOdran, the reigning monarch of Igladon, to issue the “Heritage Reclamation Act” whereby every effort is to be undertaken in order to restore ancient Dwarven artifacts to Igladan. Erilend has managed to capitalize on this act by purchasing looted antiquities from hasty adventurers and selling them back to the Dwarves of Igladan at a tidy profit. In fact, Erliend’s shop became so prosperous, that she has recently been able to afford to move her store from Market Street to a more prominent location within Commonwealth Plaza. The exterior of the shop is typical of Tudor buildings along the plaza. Yet the interior of the shop is cluttered with all manner of antiquities, some priceless treasures, others merely tacky nick-nacks. A thin haze of pipe smoke rests along the ceiling of the shop, a permanent reminder of the shop owner’s love affair with Avenonian tobacco. Aside from Erilend the shop is home to one other resident, a sleepy old gray cat with gold-and-green eyes answering to the name of Chesterton.

Owner: Erilend Olor

Merchandise: A variety of antiques, some of which are magical.

  • Appraisal: Erilend will appraise any ancient item.
  • Cash-for-Loot: Erilend will purchase back many items found in the average dungeon delve.
  • Merchandise: Standard.
  • Appraisal: Standard.
  • Cash-for-Loot: Varies depending upon supply and demand, but generally standard.



Erilend's Antiques

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