Downs of Edigroth

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Downs of edigroth

The downs of edigroth

Just north of the Glendor Wood and the Thandolir Planes lies the Downs of Edigroth. The Downs are bordered to the east by Mt. Ammadan and Mt Glorimar, to the west by the Tindor Forest, and to the North by the Hammodrans and the Fenlands of Aduthal. The Downs have been a thoroughfare for the Dwarves since the days of Ondroth. They cultivated and built cities upon the land early in the reign of the kings of Mierodran. The three greatest of theses were Galdroth, Etimar and Ondur. These however were destroyed during the ravages of the Demonspawn Wars, and have never been rebuilt. The ruins of Dwarven cities still dot the countryside of the Downs, a vestige of the former glory of Mierodran.

Since the time of these wars, monstrous creatures have lain claim to the downlands. The orc tribes of the Atrowan Heights make annual raids upon the civilizations of the downlands as well, taking whatever food, wealth and women they can find. Nearly five hundred years ago, Eothin, High King of Dwinovar, built a road which extends from the city of Ilowan in the south, to the city of Igladon high up in the Alps of the Hammodrans. The men of Caldoranth maintain the portion of this road lying upon the Downs of Edigroth, and have built several towns along it. The three largest and most prominent of these are Hidroth Lea, Thunland Dell and Duruland Knoll.



Downs of Edigroth

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