Dantalig River

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Dantalig river

The dantalig river

The fount of the Dantalig River resided in the glacial runoff of the Hammodrans within the Vale of Anithroth. The mighty river flows forth from the fenlands of Aduthal south along the the downs of Edigroth, cutting through both the Andreth Forest and the Tindor Forest like a knife, and weaving along the southern marches between Mierodran and Dwinovar. The River is the economic lifeblood for many communities. The Tindori Woodelves ferry trade-goods southeast along the river to Caldoranth’s Western Baronies. These Baronies in turn ferry these items, and their own trade-goods further southeast to the city of Etobran where such items then are exported to the southern lands. Many of the ferries themselves were built from the wood of the Naiad Alder that grow in groves along the Dantalig River.



Dantalig River

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