Cult of Thyrn

The Cult of Thyrn is collectively the largest institutional religious organization in all of Eriond. Nearly two thirds of Eriond’s population recognize and worship at least some members of the cult’s pantheon. Yet though the cult enjoys widespread acceptance, it is far from unified. In fact the cult’s own theology lends itself to a plurality of sects.

History of the cult of thyrn

Following the defeat of Elucien and his host in the angelic wars, the Great Ilad fled to Eriond, where he and his host began to court the noble houses of Elves, Men and Dwarves. The Dark Lord set his sites on the hearts and minds of the children of Andunai and soon won to himself many of the noble houses among Men and Dwarves. Elucien proclaimed himself a god and promised to deify the children of Andunai were they to turn from their tyrannical father to serve a more worthy lord. Thus was the first dogma of the Cult of Thyrn conceived.

Many flocked to Elucien’s side, and soon war fell upon the land. Elucien and his host were eventually banished to the plain of Avaskar, where they were imprisoned within the flaming halls of Soraddadun. Yet the Kiknslayer Wars left Eriond’s landscape in ruin. Moreover, many remained devoted to the dark Lord and his host after the war. These were now led by lesser demon lords who had escaped banishment. In the minds of their followers, each of these lords held a claim on divinity. In the West, nations arose and were ruled by the demon lords, and each lord sought to rule the others so that the western lands waged war upon one another for many years. Yet in time the lords of the west grew tired of fighting one another and cast covetous eyes upon the prosperity of the Eastern lands. Alliances were formed. Elucien and the other fallen Illad had always been worshiped as gods throughout the Western lands. Yet now the demon lords formally recognized one another as legitimate demigods. They sought to formalize a system of worship that would unite their sovereign kingdoms in order to wage war upon the Eastern lands. As a result, the Cult of Thyrn was officially instituted throughout the West in 660-I (660 A.S.).


There are as many sacred texts among the sects of the Cult of Thyrn as there are sects themselves. Thus there are many disparate teachings within the Cult, and no two sects are exactly alike in faith and practice. However each sect recognizes the authority of The Book of Thyrn. This text was jointly authored by the Demon Lords in the middle of the second age. According to this text, in the beginning was the void, and all that now exists emerged from the void. Emergence and perfection are not one and the same however. Creatures do not emerge from the void fully formed. Rather they must undergo a process of alteration and divination before arriving at their final perfected state. The eventual state to which all creatures are destined is godhood.

The Ilad were the first to emerge from the void, followed by the Iunid. These mighty beings enthroned themselves as gods over the universe long ago. In time, Eriond and her creatures emerged from the void as well. Andunai, one of the mightiest of the gods, sought to rule over the creatures of Eriond for all eternity. So enslaved, the creatures of Eriond would never achieve their own perfection. They could never become exalted as gods. Yet Elucien strove against the tyranny of Andunai. The great Dark Lord led a host of Ilad and Iunid gods in war against the despot of the heavenly plains. Andunai was victorious. Elucien then sought to aid the children of Eriond directly by teaching them the power of divine magical art. Together they would mount up and overthrow Andunai. Yet once more they mighty tyrant proved the victor, and Elucien and his host were expelled to the lower plains.

To punish the creatures of Eriond for their disloyalty, Andunai cursed them to suffer death and old age. All the world now labors under the unjust weight of mortality. Yet not even Anunai can stand in the way of destiny. There will come a day when Elucien and his host shall break the seals that imprison them. In that day they and those that remain faithful to the teachings of the Cult of Thyrn shall rise up and slay the tyrant that has so long enslaved them. His blood shall flow forth, bathing the world of Eriond in crimson, and freeing the faithful from the bonds of death and old age. Until this day, the Cultists must faithfully seek to convert or slay all those still loyal to Andunai.


Ilad Favored
Portfolio Devotees
Elucion Broadsword Evil, Air, Strength, Nobility, Knowledge, Magic, Charm, Trickery, Death, Destruction All Cultists of Thyrn
Selorion Morningstar Evil, Fire, Strength, Law, War, Destruction, Glory Anti-Paladins, Fighters, Dwarves, Hobgoblins
Eresis Quarterstaff Evil, Cold, Weather, Magic, Charm, Chaos Sorcerers, Wizards, Fey, Frost Giants, Women.
Thanduliad Longsword Evil, Nobility, Knowledge, Trickery, Community Aristocrats, Merchants, Artisans, Humans, Gnomes
Cevriel Scythe Evil, Madness, Destruction, Darkness, Death Madmen, Hags, Lichs, Undead
Isoldied Claw Evil, Animal, Knowledge, Magic, Artifice, Wizards, Druids, Rangers, Fey, Tinkers, Aberrations
Lirnas Dagger Evil, Knowledge, Luck, Charm, Trickery. Rogues, Bards, Assassins, Gnomes, Mercenaries


Demigod Favored
Portfolio Devotees
Gorgoth Fangs Evil, Dragon, Magic Dragons, Kobolds
Tordan Warhammer Evil, Strength, War Barbarians, Giants
Baloziel Claw Evil, Law, War Devils, Diabolists
Iltharck Longsword Evil, Chaos, Destruction. Demons, Demonologists
Lynyth Whip Evil, Trickery, Darkness Drow, Spiders
Artiliah Claw Evil, Charm, Trickery Bards, Women, Demons
Genocron Scythe Death Undead, Gnolls
Navark Greataxe Destruction Lycans
Thangor Waraxe Artifice Dwarves, Fighters
Avasha Dagger Magic Wizards, Humans
Korl Shortbow Charm Druids, Bards, Fey
Minox Greataxe Animal Minotaurs, Barbarians
Reven Rapier Magic Vampires, Sorcerers
Gelderan Longsword Glory Antipaladins, Hobgoblers



Cult of Thyrn

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