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Cerim Cerim

Cerim is by nature the gentlest and most light hearted Ilad among the Lord’s host. Yet her gaiety has been seasoned with sadness since the fall of Isoldied, her most kindred spirit. Together the two once reveled within the forests of Eriond, creating and marveling at the wonderment of new life. In those days the two called into being Nyads and Dryads, pixies and sprites, nymphs and unicorns. Cerim and Isoldied were inseparable until the day that Isoldied began to fashion illegitimate creatures of his own design. A hardness crept into his heart, filling the space between he and Cerim. Though she went to him, he would no longer join with her in the frivolity and sport of the fey. Then came the Serpent of the Night, who forever sundered the friendship between the two. After the death of Ithanien, Cerim, now wizened by sorrow and loss, was appointed to take his place as regent of Spring. She ministers over the forest and woodlands, over young love and over child-birth. She is a friend to all those pure in heart and a comforter to those who grieve. Cerim is known by many names, among which are Life-Weaver, Mother of the Wood and Fairy-Friend.

Cerim often appears within the groves and forests of Eriond, though rarely in angelic form. She enjoys clothing herself in the forms of pixie, nymph, unicorn and doe. Her favored form however, is that of a small willowy fae creature with glassy black eyes garbed in the patterns of the forest. Rarely does she travel the woodlands armed, but if necessary she will summon a large vine-like spear to her side whose thin curved blade is adorned by a deep green emerald. Cerim is much loved amongst both the heavenly host and the creatures of Eriond. She is revered by all woodland creatures, but most of all by the fae. She is the favored patron of Druids, and is also revered by Rangers, Sorcerers and young lovers.




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