Cathedral Architecture

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Cathedral of illandriol

Cathedral archatecture

The Cathedral of Ilandriol is built using a cruciform ground-plan design, with two copper domed octagonal towers attached to the North and South wing of the building, and a large central copper dome adorning the central atrium of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is constructed of white limestone from a local rock quarry within the downlands. The facade of the building contains three arched entryways, the middle entryway being the largest. The large double doors are intricately carved from expensive Sidoren Ash. Above the central doorway set within stone is a green and gold stain glassed rose window containing ornate stone tracery. The Cathedral does not contain a narthex; rather, the central doorway opens directly into the nave, and the side doors into the aisles of the nave. A set of flying buttresses line either side of the exterior of the nave. The interior of the nave is flanked on either side by arcaded aisles, and towers overhead, ending in a high vaulted ceiling containing clerestory alabaster windows on either side that admit soft light to the interior. Stone pews line the nave, and comfortably seat nearly 1,000 individuals.

While the Cathedral is built of white limestone, the interior columns and piers are of smooth, dark green marble. Just beyond the nave, is a large square atrium that comprises the sanctuary of the cathedral. There are half-domed apses conjoining the North, East and South walls of the sanctuary. The North and South apses give way to a set of transepts, or corridors, that form the axis crossing the nave. These transepts in turn end in a set of octagonal domed spires two stories tall. The Eastern apse contains a raised dais upon which rests an ambulatory and one radiating arch-chapel containing a lectern. There are also several green and gold stained glass windows adorning the apse. During mass, the archbishop lectures from within the radiating chapel, and the choir resides upon the raised dais. In the center of the sanctuary stands a tall limestone slab alter upon which is set a font of holy water. A larger than life stature of Ilandriol stands before the alter, facing west. Her wings are spread wide, and her head is held high looking to the heavens beseechingly. One hand holds a long rapier pointed skyward toward Andunai, while the other hand reaches forward to the font. Above, supported by the four large piers and pendentives forming the three apses, is a large ornately carved central dome, with but one central Oculus. The oculus contains an ingenious frensel-style lens which manages to both focus the rays of the son, and, through a process of refraction and internal reflection, concentrate the resulting shaft of light upon the sancturary’s alter even when the sun is not directly overhead. The intended effect of the Cathedral’s architectural design is to center the attention of the beholder upon Anduani’s gracious provision.



Cathedral Architecture

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