Art Credits

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Art credits

The artwork featured on this site came from several different sources. When I first began this site the vast majority of artwork was pulled from random Google searches. Later I discovered Deviantart and still later I found a host of wonderful online galleries. I have contacted some of these artists directly and received permission to display their work on my site. Still I have yet to do so for the majority of these artists, and in some cases I am not even sure who to acknowledge. In any case, I selected the artwork featured on this site for its excellent quality and thus I hope that the use of such work here will be understood as a compliment to the skill of the artists, even where explicit acknowledgment may be lacking. However, I certainly do not wish to infringe upon anyone’s intellectual property. I invite the viewer to contact me if any of the artwork featured on this site belongs to you and either you would like to receive due credit for the work or you would like to have it removed from my site. With that said, I would like to acknowledge the following artists for their excellent work.

Deviant art logo

Thanks to Deviantart I have discovered a host of wonderful artists. Work from each of the following artists has been featured (NOTE: many of the following names are pseudonyms): Rayne Kazuya, Steve Argyle, Sketchling, Alan Athwell, Jon Hodgson, Capprotti, Reeks, Andreas Rocha, The Gryph, Ninja2ASSN, J. Jasso, Wdpk, Marc Simonetti, Nambroth, Gaius31duke, Bersek, Raphael Locoste, Girl Named Spike, Adelenta, Girl Named Spike, David Rapoza, J.S. Marantz, xlmperfections and Nykoli. I’m sure I’ve displayed work from other artists on Deviantart as well, but these are artists I am currently aware of.

Online galleries

In addition to Deviantart, I drawn artwork from several other artists with online galleries, including: Donato Giancola, Jon Sullivan, Kekai Kotaki, Henning Ludvigsen, Sedone Thongvilay, Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowicz, Charles de La Rochefoucauld and Rembrandt van Rign.



Art Credits

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