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Of the four great Ilad faithful to Andunai, Arnulad is the greatest. Even amongst the fallen Ilad the only angel greater than Arnulad is Elucion himself. Upon the death of Ithanien in the Angelic Wars, Arnulad became the captain of the Lord’s Host. During these wars he slew many fallen Ilad and, with the help of Ordolost, defeated and bound Elucien. Arnulad is the leader and mightiest warrior of the Lord’s Host. He is zealous for the Honor and glory of Andunai, and is dedicated to establishing His law upon Eriond. Arnulad’s love for the righteousness of his Lord is accompanied by a stern and wrathful hatred of deceit, lawlessness, and vanity. Thus the leader of the Ilad may at times appear joyful and lighthearted yet in the face of evil his anger burns with extraordinary intensity. Arnulad is regent over the season of Summer, and ministers over sun and fire. He is known variously as Dawn Bringer, Sun Child, and the Luminous Servant

Though Arnulad rarely ever appears before mortals, when he does do so he usually takes the form of a large barrel chested man with burnished bronze skin, fiery red hair and beard and hazel-green eyes. He wears a flowing flame colored cloak around his shoulders and a wreath of gilded sun beams crowns his temples. He bears a tremendous double edged sword whose hilt, guard and pummel are of gold and whose guard is encrusted with a large fire opal. Arnulad is the most prominent patron Ilad of Paladins, but is also greatly revered by Fighters. He is especially honored among Humans, and is also much admired by Dwarves.




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