Andreth Forest

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Andreth forest

Trees 6To the south of the Hammodrans lies Andreth Forest, whose vast expanse extends northeast beyond the mighty Tors of the Mt. Amadan and Glorimar until it passes beyond the reaches of the known world. Yet nested within her western bosom are many different types of fey, and a few sturdy human colonies. Glindell, the largest gnome civilization of the North, and Treboth Vale, a small human logging community are both located within the forest. These loggers have tapped into the forests rich surplus of Ivory Birch as well as other useful trees. Yet the inhabitants of these societies must share their abode with creatures of a less savory nature. The goblins that roam Mt. Amadon increasingly send greater and greater numbers of hunting packs into the woods to raid what they may from the few unprotected humans within the forest. Wargs stalk the forest in search of hot blood. Trolls wander aimlessly through the western marshes, gleefully inflicting misery on all creatures fair. Also, lurking in a dark region of the forest somewhere to the east is a hidden temple of Knoll Thyrn Cultists. Yet in spite of the presence of such creatures of ill-intent, the Andreth Forest remains an enchanting and enchanted realm, both for its breath taking beauty, and for the ancient creatures of magic that dwell within. Those intrepid few who dare to face the dangers of this untamed land become captivated by its majesty.



Andreth Forest

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