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The vast majority of the photography and artwork featured on this site was borrowed from third parties whose work I pulled from random Google image searches. When I first began this site I was unfamiliar with the proper etiquette for citing and acknowledging the work of others (in fact I’m still not exactly sure of what all is entailed by the procedure). Also, I didn’t think to keep track of the URL’s wherein I had borrowed the original images. As a result, unfortunately I am not now able to appropriately acknowledge many of the artists whose work is featured on my site.

As time allows I will attempt to amend this sin of omission by tracking down the original URL’s and providing citation information herein. I selected the artwork featured on this site for its excellent quality and thus I hope that the use of such work here will be understood as a compliment to the skill of the artists. However, I certainly do not wish to infringe upon anyone’s intellectual property. While I believe that most of the images featured in this site is public domain, there are probably some that are not, and I invite the viewer to contact me if they know of any images featured on this site that are protected by copyright laws. With that said, I would like to acknowledge the following artists and companies for their excellent work.

Many monster images featured in the adventure log were drawn from the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual: Core Rulebook III v.3.5, copyright of Wizards of the Coast. Though I am not certain which artists to thank for which images, the following artists were all commissioned by Wizards of the Coast: Glen Angus, Carlo Arellano, Daren Bader, Tom Baxa, Carl Critchlow, Brian Despain, Tony Diterlizzi, Larry Elmore, Scott Fischer, Rebecca Guay-Mitchell, Jeremy Jarvis, Paul Jaquays, Michael Kaluta, Todd Lockwood, David Martin, Raven Mimura, Matthew Mitchell, Monte Moore, Adam Rex, Wayne Reynolds, Richard Sardinha, Brian Snoddy, Mark Tedin, Anthony Waters, and Sam Wood. Sincere thanks also go to art director Dawn Murin. A link to the Monster Manual v.3.5. Art Gallery may be found below:

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Many of the images used for NPC’s were taken from a variety of artists whose work has been submitted to a website called deviantart. I have used work from numerous artists, and do no know the names of any. You can find a link to deviantart Here.

Certain of the images that are, or will be, featured in the adventure log were taken by myself (and/or by players in my campaign) of models which I built using molds from Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc. For those of you gamers unfamiliar with Bruce Hirst’s Castle-mold products, you really must check out his website! I’m serious about this. Hirst (along with Dwarvenforge) has revolutionized the tabletop RPG, yet my guess is that the average Dungeon Master is unfamiliar with the incredible new dungeon tools made available by Hirst Arts. You can find out more about those tools by clicking the link below.


The map of Eriond was made in GIMP by yours truly with a great deal of help from the good people at the Cartographers Guild. I am especially indebted to Ascension (whose style I borrowed quite a bit from), Gidde (who translated Ascension’s Mapping style tutorial from Photoshop into GIMP), and to RobA who helped to retrofit my GIMP for map-making (you guys are awesome!). You can find a link to the cartographers guild below.

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I’d also like to thank Micah and the other design and support staff at Obsidian Portal for all your hard work in putting together this amazing site; it has both greatly simplified and enriched our campaign. Likewise, I thank my lovely wife for allowing me the time to work on this site, and for supporting me in the creation of the “Age of Legend” campaign setting. I’d also like to thank our good friends who have shared in, and brought the world of Eriond to life, you guys are the best!

Thanks also to Chainsaw XIV for his totally unoficial, but “totally awesome” help and tips FAQ. I learned a good deal about basic HTML formatting from this FAQ. Below is a link to ready made HTML templates that Chainsaw has compiled on his site.

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Thanks to Grunn for his how to:custom wiki sidebar tutorial. While I have not used quite the same navigational system in for this campaign site, my own system was nevertheless influenced by Grunn’s pioneering work. You can see Grunn’s wiki side-bar in action on his site at the link below.


Finally, I have been tremendously inspired by the talents of JimTriche, Gaaran, Duskreign, andSandman (among others). I am also very grateful for their friendship. You guys have really helped make the OP forums a welcoming community.



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