A Geographical Overview of Mierodran

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Mierodran lay of the land

Lay of the land

“I love this land…more, I think, than the people within it. I have wandered upon its rolling downs and crossed over its misty moors. I’ve trekked along it’s winding alpine berms and spotted wood elves within its glens. I’ve followed its sleepy brooks through enchanted woodlands and once seen pixies dancing in the moonlight of an unnamed glade. I have slain a Troll crossing a murky ford in the swamps of Edalberith. I have known the bitterness of its winters and the glory of its Spring. In all my wanderings I have found this land to be true. Sometimes beautiful, often brutal, but always in the end, true.”

—Illendra Etheborne, Ranger and Proprietor of The Falcon’s Nest.

The Northern wilderness of Mierodrann is, in many ways, every bit the harsh and inhospitable land that popular opinion among the southlanders makes it out to be. Despite this fact, there remain many habitable regions within Mierodran, and climate varies greatly from one place to the next. Between the southern marches of Mierodran and Dwinovar, to the east of the orc infested Atrowan Heights lies the Glendor Wood, a forest haunted by evil wyrms. Just north of this forest, lying between the base of the Artowan Heights and the Hammodrans. is the Tindor Forest, which is home to the mysterious elven city, Evlor’Edwen.

Near the Southern marches of Mierodran flows the Dantalig River, whose fountainhead springs from deep within the Hammodrans. On either shore of the great river lies Etobran, the northernmost city of Vindovier. Etobran is located within a stretch of grassy rolling highlands known at the Downs of Edigroth. The Downs lie along the Dantalig River and extend northward as far as the mighty Hammodrans and the wetlands that lie east of them. An ancient road known as the Kings Highway extends from the southlands of Dwinovar through the Downs and ends at the base of the Hammodrans. Along this road lie several towns and small cities.

Carved within the foothills of the Hammodrans, is Igladon, the largest city of the Northern lands, and the last of the great Dwarven cities of Mierodran. Resting at the base of the Hammodrans are the ruins of Etimar, and the human kingdom of Caldoranth. To the north, beyond the Hammodrans lies a wasteland of barren tundra and permafrost known as the Thengloran Waists that precious few have ventured to set foot upon. What lies beyond this none can say. East of the Hammodrans lay the Fenlands of Aduthal and the Marshes of Edalberith. Just east of the wetlands lies the Andreth Forest, in whose shade dwells the Gnomish city of Glindell. The forest stretches ever eastward, and where it ends, none can say. To the south of the Andreth forest lie the last and the greatest of the Hammodran Alps, Mt. Glorimar and Mt. Amadan. At the base of Mt Gloremar abide the Dwarven Halls of Durath, and the ruins of Ondur. Deep within Mt. Amadon lay the ruins of the Dwarven Halls of Egrith.



A Geographical Overview of Mierodran

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