A Brief History of Mierodran

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A brief history of mierodran

After the destruction of the Dwarven kingdom of Ondroth and the death of their king Thangolon in the War of the Damned, the Dwarven clans were scattered. Most of the clans journeyed northeast to dwell within the downlands. Conflicts began to emerge between clans competing for the same resources and the Dwarves, now few in number, began to spill their own blood. Igladon of the Odran clan, however, remained a bastion of strength for his people in the dark days following the downfall of Ondroth. He was a charismatic leader and stalwart defender of Dwarven solidarity who restored pride and courage to the hearts of his people. Over the course of a century Igladan succeeded in unifying a larger part of the remaining Dwarven clans under his leadership, thus Mier’Odran (meaning “Clan” of Odran) became the ruling clan. While the northern lands are still known as Mierodran, the Dwarves have not controlled the land since before the Demonspawn Wars. In fact, several civilizations now dwell in the northern reaches.

Igladan traveled further north to build, and fortify a new stronghold high within the rocky heights of the Hammodrans. It took over two hundred years to build the great outer fortresses of the city of Igladan (later to become the capital city of the kingdom). When the outer walls of the fortress were completed, Igladan and his kin vowed never to allow the city to be taken. Indeed, The high fortresses of the city of Igladan has stood for over a millennia and it’s great walls have born some of the most devastating assaults of the Demonspawn Wars, and yet have not been breached. After the completion of the city of Igladan, the kings of Mierodran began to build and fortify cities to the south, along the Dantalig River. There they cultivated the land to both provide food and provisions for their capitol city, and to act as centers of trade between the southern kingdoms. Etimar, Ondur and Galdroth were among the most prestigious of such cities built during these days. These cities were later destroyed in the Demonspawn wars.

During the the Demonspawn wars, several different races were displaced from their vanquished homes in the midlands, and sought refuge within the northern reaches. Refugees of the nation of Endriath found sanctuary within the fortified city of Igladan. Likewise, Elven survivors of the fallen city of Illuriend traveled into what is now known as the Tindor Forest. There they built the mysterious city of Evlor’Edwen and have dwelt their ever since. Following the destruction of Delphendod, Gnomes also ventured north to settle within the Andreth Forest, and there built the city of Glindell. After the defeat of the Demon Lords the human refugees built the city of Caldoranth at the base of the Hammodrans. This city has since birthed many colonies along the King’s Highway and the Dantalig River. Since the rise of Caldoranth, many more men have traveled north to dwell within the downs, or to try to eke out an existence as hunters, trappers or loggers in the many wooded areas of the northern expanse. However, these northern pioneers have often received a cold greeting of the wood elves that protect the northern forests.

Nearly fifty years ago Igladan and the city-state of Caldoranth formed and alliance with the Confederated Kingdoms of Dwinovar to the south. For the past thirty years the three civilizations have been at war with the southwestern nations of Rann and Karthador which are still under the reign of Demon Lords. Recently, Karn has risen to power in Karthador’s capital city of Escalatharn, and has taken the fight to the eastern nations with a new breed of dragon riders. Meanwhile the Orc clans of the Atrowan Heights have begun to show signs of uniting under the leadership of Jarl Gorlosh, a particularly ruthless orc. The fate of the North now hangs in the balance.



A Brief History of Mierodran

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