A learned and quinessentially flamboyant Bard



Starling has raven black hair, worn shoulder length, that is only just beginning to gray at the temples. He possesses dark intelligent eyes filled with good humor. He has a youthful face and a boyish grin that often cause the maidens to swoon, yet it is his angelic voice that brings tear to their eyes. Starling wears brown leather pants, a billowy white shirt, and a colorful patchwork cape that appears to shift and shimmer in the light.

Alastair Voss, also known as “Starling,” began his career as the son of a wealthy merchant dwelling in the city of Van Alis, the Jewl of the South. As a child he was intrigued by his father’s tales of life in the north, and early on decided, against his father’s wishes, to become a traveling minstrel. He was apprenticed to a wise old bard who taught him much. At the age of 20 Starling set out to discover the world for himself. He traveled to Tiliria eager to learn first hand of the valorous deeds done by the men of Dwinovar there against the forces of Tulgal and Iscalatharn. In the city of Ithinerad he met Othowin, who quickly befriended the young Bard. The Two would later venture north together. he was the first member of Othowin’s band. Starling is renowned in the north for his wit and flamboyance (sometimes bordering on the ostentation). Yet most of all, he is admired for his startlingly beautiful vocal range, which has caused Starling to be compared to the norther songbird from whence he derives him nickname.




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